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Q – How long should my college recruiting video be?
A – You need to keep the coaches attention. Shorter is better. TV commercials are 30 to 60 seconds. Songs are two to five minutes. That’s a good guideline.

Q – Isn’t it better to send a coach a DVD than a link to a promotional video online?
A – Not any more. DVDs get lost, scratched, and is far more difficult to keep track of than a link in an email. Coaches almost universally prefer a link to a video online, sent to them in an email.

Q – Should the video be shot in high definition?
A – Yes. It’s easier to see what you are doing in the video, and is more pleasing to the eye.

Q – Can I email the video to the coach, or just send him a link to the video hosted somewhere online?
A – Video files are huge. Chances are very likely that you can’t email a file that large and the coach can’t receive a file that large in email. If you both could, it would take a long time to download the video. Do you want a coach to wait five minutes to see your video right away, or wait five minutes after he clicks on it?

Q – Should I use a service like YouTube to host my videos?
A – YouTube is a great video hosting service for many things. Using it for hosting your video to try to get a coach interested in you is a mistake, in our opinion. After your video is finished, YouTube does its best to keep you in YouTube, by offering you fifteen videos it thinks are similar, to keep the viewer clicking. So if you are a 2016 catcher, do you want the viewer to see fifteen other 2016 catchers right after your video is over? Of course not. And if someone is looking for players on YouTube rather than a ballfield, that may not be the best program to play for.

Q – I’m considering using a large recruiting or scouting service as a place to match me with coaches. Can I put a Player Profile Page video on their site?
A – Yes, you can. But read the next question and answer below.

Q – Is there an advantage to using your Enhanced Player Profile Page rather than a large recruiting or scouting web site?
A – Yes. A huge advantage to using our Enhanced Player Profile Page as your main point of contact is this –  we know that YOU are looking for a spot on a college team, and that it is not in your best interests to send a coach to a place where they can see other ballplayers while they are looking at you. That’s what coaches can do at large sites when they log in as coaches. At Player Profile Pages, there are no coach logins, in fact, there are no search boxes anywhere. On, coaches cannot find any other players that play your position, any of your “competitors”. When you go on your first job interview, will you bring along 10 or 20 or 100 equally qualified candidates? We don’t think so…

Q – Can I use my PlayerProfilePage as a way of getting a coach interested in me?
A – Yes. Send the link to your page in an personally written email to the coach in charge of recruiting at the schools that interest (and are likely a good match for) you. Coaches can use your link to get interested in learning more about you. But coaches always trust their own eyes, and almost always must see a player on the field before making an offer. Sending out your page to schools you are interested in exploring is a great idea. Hoping they find you on a service with thousands of other ballplayers is not.

Q – Can I shoot the video myself?
A – You can. There are lots of ways of taking decent video nowadays. However, decent videos are not likely to show off your skills as well as professional videos. And you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Q – Can I edit the video myself?
A – You can. But effective editing takes great video, a fast computer, good video editing software, and the experience to use it well. And having the tools at your disposal (like a paintbrush) does not make me skilled at using it (like DaVinci).

Q – What about using background music in the promotional video?
A – Music is an effective way to make video more appealing. That’s why its used in nearly every TV show, movie, and commercial. That being said, most college baseball coaches say they turn down the music on videos. Music can enhance the effectiveness of a video, as long as the person watching it likes what you’ve chosen. Also, in order to use music legally you need to have the rights to use it in your work (which costs money). And then you must be skilled on matching the images in the video to the song.

Q – Will there be paid advertising on my page? Before my video runs? On top of my video?
A – We do not and will not have paid advertising on your videos or on your page.